State Highway 6 / FM1960 Transit Ideas

If we are to keep the State Highway 6 / FM1960 corridor from strangling in traffic over the coming decades, we must "think outside of the car". We have to think about putting in place new ways of getting around. These would be new ways for us in Houston and Harris County, TX, but time-tested ways for other parts of the country and the world (photo above taken by Rick Price, showing the Eugene, OR BRT)

Friday, March 20, 2009

BRT for same cost

For the $500 million price of Grand Parkway Segment E, we could build a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in a congestion-free dedicated guideway from Spring to Sugar Land along the FM 1960 and Highway 6 median. This would dramatically increase the capacity of the corridor, and reduce congestion and pollution. New transit-oriented development would revitalize and beautify blighted areas. Instead, we are building another ring of tollway in the prairie, thereby inducing more sprawl. Public officials need to learn from other cities.

Peter Wang, Cy-Fair/Copperfield
Houston Chronicle Letters to the Editor
published March 20,2009

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